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ABOUT Buckets

One of ten basketball programs in Alberta to be verified by Canada Basketball.

At Buckets Basketball, we believe that basketball is an amazing activity that can be played for a lifetime. Our program is built to promote Physical Literacy through basketball. Simply put, our goal is to have our participants become confident in multiple physical settings and challenges to become active for life. Basketball is the vehicle for this journey. To be a great basketball player, you must be a great mover. 

Our Program

Our program is designed for student athletes ages 6 to 11 who are interested in becoming better athletes and learning and developing basketball skills. One goal is to maintain no more than an 8:1 student athlete to instructor ratio for our class sessions and teams of 6 players for league play.


Weekly basketball skills sessions where student athletes learn and practice basketball and fundamental movement skills. 


Weekly 3 vs 3 basketball games/scrimmages, played on our modified full court basketball courts. 3 vs 3 games allow players greater opportunity to put their skills to the test. 


Physical Literacy training sessions designed to boost performance. Sessions will follow a non-sport specific training program.  

Alberta Basketball

Basketball in Alberta is governed by Basketball Alberta. All Buckets Basketball student athletes must have a valid annual Basketball Alberta membership. Memberships include personal insurance and many other benefits. Memberships need to be purchased on an annual basis and can be applied to all basketball participation in Alberta. To obtain more information, retrieve your membership number or purchase a membership, visit the Basketball Alberta website. 

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