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Facility Rules

Food and Beverages

Food or beverages (other than water) are not allowed on the basketball courts to maintain cleanliness and prevent spills and accidents.

Athletic Attire

Proper athletic attire must be worn at all times, including non-marking sneakers to protect the court surface.

Respectful Behaviour

Respectful behavior towards coaches, staff, and fellow players is mandatory to ensure a positive learning and playing environment. Use of foul language, disrespectful gestures, or aggressive behavior towards others will not be tolerated and may result in dismissal from the facility.(see Buckets Basketball Code of Conduct)

Personal Belongings

Personal belongings are the responsibility of the owner; Buckets Basketball School will not retain items left at the facility and is not liable for lost or stolen items.

Participant Safety

Participant Safety is paramount: Participants must adhere to the Buckets Basketball Code of Conduct and report any hazards or injuries immediately to staff.

Facility Guests

Facility guests; only registered participants, authorized staff, and designated guests are permitted within the facility during operating hours.


Spectators are welcome to observe sessions but are expected to remain in designated spectator areas and refrain from coaching or interfering with the instruction, coaching and officiating process.


Parking immediately in front of neighboring businesses, particularly shipping doors, is prohibited.

Only Basketball

Only basketball related activities are permitted on basketball surfaces, and must be conducted on designated basketball playing surfaces only (Basketball Courts and Hoops). Equipment, including basketballs and training aids, must be used responsibly and returned to their designated storage areas after use.

Have Fun!

Enjoy the game of Basketball

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