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Just Play

Remember your youth, hanging out with your friends at the park, playground, or community basketball court. Children would self-organize into a variety of games and activities. At Buckets Basketball School, we feel some of the best ways to learn a sport or activity, such as basketball, is to "Just Play". Our goal is to provide a safe supervised space for young people to play and learn the game of basketball. 

Keeping with our mission to promote physical literacy through basketball, the goal of Just Play is to motivate participants to be active.“Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life.” (


Though there will be no structured basketball lessons, Buckets Basketball staff will provide direction and teach participants the rules to a variety of classic basketball games such as, 21, Around the World, Bump, Pressure, HORSE, and many many more. The space will be open only to a limited number of participants, organized by age, to allow everyone an opportunity to play and participate. Participants may choose to practice shooting on their own or join into a game. If participants decide to organize themselves into an actual game of 2v2, or 3v3, etc., Buckets staff are available to help them get organized, with our main goal for them to organize themselves. 

Guardians are welcome to stay and watch the participants play. Participants are also welcome to stay on their own as long as a guardian is available by phone and can come to the Buckets Basketball facility if contacted by Buckets staff.

  • All guardians must be registered as such in the RAMP portal for each participant.

  • All participants must show their Buckets Basketball School Just Play membership card in order to attend each session.

  • All participants and guardians must adhere to Buckets Basketball Facility Rules and Code of Conduct.

  • Memberships are non-transferable and may be revoked at the discretion of Buckets Basketball School administration.

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