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What is buckets?

At Buckets Basketball, we believe that basketball is an amazing activity that can be played for a lifetime. Our youth basketball program is built to promote Physical Literacy through basketball. Simply put we want our participants to gain the fundamental movement skills that will make them more confident in multiple physical settings and challenges, starting them down the path to become active for life. Basketball is the vehicle for this journey. To be a great basketball player, you must be a great mover.  

Our youth basketball program is designed for student athletes ages 6 to 11 who are interested in becoming better athletes and learning and developing basketball skills. One goal is to maintain no more than an 8:1 student athlete to instructor ratio for our class sessions and teams of 6 players for league sessions. ​ Our classes follow a structured curriculum created by certificated educators and certified coaches based on Basketball Canada's Long-Term Athlete Development Model. This model sets the stage for the development of physical literacy and basketball skills. Our student athletes will develop in the areas of Stamina, Strength, Speed, Skill, and Flexibility, which are key components to any physical activity, particularly in basketball. Our goal is for our student athletes to become more physically literate while engaging in basketball. Based on an evaluation, student athletes are placed into the appropriate Buckets Basketball level by skill level and age. Our league play consists of 3 on 3 full court games on modified basketball courts which are scaled to a size that is a perfect fit for Buckets Basketball players, smaller courts and lower rims. 3 on 3 basketball encourages and allows for each player to be more involved in the game. Every player has increased opportunity to touch the ball and play an important role. Buckets Basketball provides all coaching, score keeping and game monitoring, allowing family members to fill the role of supportive spectators. The Buckets Basketball League is an extension of Buckets Basketball Classes. League play takes the form of a semi-controlled scrimmage, allowing instructors to support students during game play. Buckets Basketball administration will do their best to place students onto teams allowing friends and family members to play together when appropriate.

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