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Buckets Basketball is comprised of two components: 

Class (Skill) Sessions


League Sessions

Buckets Basketball is a grass roots program designed for student athletes ages 5 -14. Those new to the game and those with experience.


Buckets Basketball School half court

Our classes follow a structured curriculum created by certificated educators and certified coaches based on Basketball Canada's Long-Term Athlete Development Model. This model sets the stage for the development of youth physical literacy and basketball skills. Our student athletes will develop in the areas of Stamina, Strength, Speed, Skill, and Flexibility, which are key components to any physical activity, particularly in basketball. Our goal is for our student athletes to become more physically literate, becoming better movers, while engaging in basketball. Based on an evaluation, student athletes are placed into the appropriate Buckets Basketball level by skill level and age.

Buckets of Fun

Levels 1 - 3

Introduction to basic basketball and movement skills.

Student athletes in this Bucket will learn the fundamentals of dribbling, passing, and shooting. 

Fill your Bucket

Levels 4 - 6

Skill building.

Adding to a basic foundation of skills, student athletes will move beyond the basics and learn to combine skills. 

Get Buckets

Levels 7 - 9

Refining skills.

Student athletes will develop skills that will allow them to excel in game situations. 

Buckets Basketball School Get Buckets
Buckets Basketball School Buckets of Fun
Buckets Basketball School Fill Your Bucket
Participants move levels as skills are gained


Buckets Basketball School Jersey

League play consists of 3 vs 3 full court games/scrimmages played on modified basketball courts which are scaled to a size that is a perfect fit for Buckets Basketball players, smaller courts and lower rims. 3 vs 3 basketball encourages and allows for each player to be more involved in the game. Everyone gets to touch the ball and play an important role. Buckets Basketball provides all the coaching, score keeping and game monitoring allowing family members to fill the role of supportive spectators. The Buckets Basketball League is an extension of Buckets Basketball Classes. Players will be placed on teams and we will do our best to allow siblings and friends to play together.

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