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  • Can I register over the phone or in person?
    Unfortunately no, we cannot take registrations over the phone or in person. Registrations can be done online, 24/7 at your convenience. However, if you are having difficulty with registration itself please contact us via email.
  • How do I edit or remove the 'Frequently Asked Questions' title?
    You can edit the title from the FAQ 'Settings' tab in the Editor. To remove the title from your mobile app go to the 'Site & App' tab in your Owner's app and customize.
  • Can I insert an image, video, or GIF in my FAQ?
    Yes. To add media follow these steps: 1. Manage FAQs from your site dashboard or in the Editor 2. Create a new FAQ or edit an existing one 3. From the answer text box click on the video, image or GIF icon 4. Add media from your library and save.
  • How do students progress to the next level? How long does it take?
    Students progress to the next level when they show proficiency in the required skills. Students will progress on their own time. It is important that they gain skill prior to moving.
  • How are students added to classes?
    Students are added by ability and age following an evaluation by a Buckets staff member.
  • When can my student start?
    Our program is continuous allowing students to start at any time. They are not restricted to a predefined number of weeks.
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